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Happy Thanksgiving! - Date 11/25/2021

Thanksgiving Day is here, and we can’t miss the chance to say how grateful we are for our incredible residents at The Case Building!

Fall Activities - Date 11/23/2021

What spells f-a-l-l better than cozying up with a good book in the relaxing library at The Case Building?

Coffee Time! - Date 11/18/2021

When Thursday rolls around and the weekend still seems far away, there’s one thing that always gets you through the day – Your trusty cup of coffee!

Treat Yourself! - Date 11/16/2021

When it comes to good food and great views, The Green Room has you covered – Swing by their rooftop terrace or order in and treat yourself!

Thank You For Your Service! - Date 11/11/2021

Today is dedicated to all the past and present heroes of our nation – Happy Veterans Day!

Everything You Need - Date 11/09/2021

Forget all about the need for storage space. At The Case Building, you have Pedal Works bike storage, wash, and repair stations for your trusty two-wheeler.

Sit Back & Enjoy - Date 11/05/2021

Inspiration is easy to find – All you have to do is let your mind wander & admire the view!

Living Made Easy - Date 11/04/2021

Whether you need one alarm to wake up or you hit snooze multiple times each morning, the comfortable bedrooms at The Case Building make every day a fresh start!

Ready for Halloween? - Date 10/29/2021

Are your costumes ready for Halloween? How about your apartment? Is it spooky enough for a frightfully good time?

Kitchen Goals - Date 10/25/2021

What makes quartz countertops so cool? Let’s see, they’re practical, easy to clean, and look really, really cool!